Horizontal wind slice

1) Choose the date/time range. From 20.07.2001 till 31.08.2001 and 31.10.2001 till 16.12.2018.
You can plot at a selfdefined time and date, select the average plot allover the day for one or more days,
or you can select the average plot at one daytime for several days.
Single date/time
. . GMT
Date range/whole day
From . . GMT to . . GMT
Date range at a specific time
From . . to . . at GMT
2) Choose the coordinates (negative values for southern latitude or western longitude).
Latitude : From To
Longitude : From To
3) Choose the pressure level (-1 or > 1030 for model surfacelayer).
The nearest model level will be used.
4) Choose a value to scale the size of the arrows.
the value should be less then 1, 0 chooses a default value.

output a higher resolution graphic (takes up to one minute longer!)