MATCH-MPIC/IASS Custom Figures

Here you can create your own custom figures from the model output. This visualisation system, inclduding the back-end server scripts, was originally created at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry by Jörg Steinkamp.

Feel free to make any kind of figures you want, and to use these in presentations or reports.
For use in peer-reviewed publications, please check with us first about the interpretation and for information on model versions
(since this is an operational, preview-oriented website, and the underlying data is updated from time to time).

This uses data from our new T126 forecast run, since data from this simulation can be stored locally back to February 2006.
(We are working on extending further back.)

Click on the kind of figure you want, then enter the information in the mask and click on "go"; it takes about 15-30 seconds to make your figure, depending on its details (time interval, complexity of contours, etc.)

Each figure allows you to specify various parameters, such as: trace gas or regional CO tracer (or meteorological parameter), date (or date range), location or region, vertical pressure level or interval, etc.

Note that the monthly-average figures do not work yet with the new output!
If you have any special requests, or encounter any problems, please let us know! (see below for contact info)

Horizontal slice

produces a contour plot of the trace gas mixing ratio on a pressure level or at the Earth's surface.

Vertical plot

produces a vertical profile.

Vertical slice

produces a vertical slice plot (a contour plot in (xy)-p space), where you can define the start- and end position in the horizontal and the program will inerpolate the model output to the line connecting these points.

Time series

produces a time series plot at a specific location.

Vertical column plot

produces a horizontal contour plot of the vertical column of a gas, where you can specify the pressure interval over which it should be integrated.

Horizontal wind slices

produces a horizontal slice of the wind speed and direction.

Please send any comments or questions about the Custom Figures to
Tim Butler